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February 26, 2021 at 02:15 PM UTC

I loved it that you told us about the timeline and when Trial of Magic is coming, besides you must be exhausted cause that was a LOT of writing….
I know this might be the wrong place to ask this but, I can’t seem to be able to open discord and I was wondering whether anyone of you would please tell me how to do it or send me the link.


February 26, 2021 at 01:56 AM UTC

Your books were a boon for 2020. Congratulations on all you’ve amazingly accomplished in such a funtastic spectacular way.


February 26, 2021 at 01:28 AM UTC

Is the next Urban Fantasy series going to be focusing on the werewolves?


March 02, 2021 at 12:41 PM UTC

In one of her posts after Hall of Blood and Mercy released Kitty had confirmed that the next urban fantasy series is going to be focused on werewolves. I personally think that it is going to be a female werewolf, or a woman living with a werewolf pack( Pippa?) And the paragons male elf contact. Either way the series is definitely going to be epic as well!


February 26, 2021 at 02:21 PM UTC

I think that it’s going to be focusing on the elves since, the Paragon hinted that the elves weren’t entirely WIPED out…. Also, because they seem to have a problem in finding their place and the werewolves don’t.
Or else, it might be focusing on the werewolves. Regardless, I KNOW it’s going to be just Amazing!!! Cause it’s Kitty’s books..


February 24, 2021 at 04:57 PM UTC

And I cant wait for this year’s Summer Polls as it will be my first Poll as a champion! It will be soooooo cool!

Rachel Wander

February 26, 2021 at 01:39 AM UTC

I’m so excited too! It will be my second one, but there are so many new character to vote for, given all the new characters (Myth and Arvel, Leila and Rigel) and the fact I hadn’t read Retha yet. I’m running out of space in my slots of who to vote for!


March 02, 2021 at 12:37 PM UTC

Isn’t that the case for every champion here! Though Leila and Rigel are definitely going to be one of my choices for (possibly?) a favourite couple quiz! As well as Myth and Arvel, Benjamir and Gwendafyn, and Hazel and Killian, and Elle and Severin and….. Ok I’m reaaaaaaly gonna be very confused about who I will choose


March 03, 2021 at 02:54 AM UTC

Yes, I’ve been thinking about the couple thing. They’re all so good! Whhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy do you have to be so good kitty?! I read one series and then I’m all like, this is my fav. But then I read another one and I’m like nvm this is the best. When I finally look at the couples and it’s time to choose . . . well, you know what I mean 😉


February 26, 2021 at 02:33 AM UTC

I just finished Retha about a couple moths ago, and it’s awesome-you should definitely try it! I agree with you on the poll though. At first, I was set on Elle being my favorite, but after reading the other series kitty wrote, I’ve been stuck on who I should choose.


March 08, 2021 at 11:00 AM UTC

Same!!!! I just read Retha a monthish ago and I LOVE Miles and Kit… and a specific Hermit if you know what I mean 😉

Also… everytime I decide a character is my favorite I read ANOTHER book and that character becomes my favorite!! It so hard to chose who the best characters are… because all of them are amazing!!


February 24, 2021 at 04:56 PM UTC

This has been a fantastic and most probably extremely stressful year for Kitty as well( though I am hoping that the stress was worth it for you, Kitty!) . But as Hall of Blood and Mercy is how I first started reading your books, no one is more happier than me that you wrote all these series this year!

Geoff Ferris

February 24, 2021 at 12:05 PM UTC

I just want to say thank you for all the joy that your books have given me.


February 24, 2021 at 07:35 AM UTC

Vin is the Skye and Indigo to Km Shea


February 24, 2021 at 06:25 AM UTC

So, so happy to be part of the Champions crowd!! 😀


February 24, 2021 at 04:57 AM UTC

Wow! What an amazing year – so much to be proud of. And this is the best fandom on the planet. Thanks, Kitty for all you do! ❤️


February 24, 2021 at 03:31 AM UTC

WAIT!!! It’s called Trail of Magic???? This whole time Iv’e been thinking it was Trial of Magic because of what (I think) Angel does in the next book according to the Timeless Fairy Tale series……………………..


February 24, 2021 at 06:06 AM UTC

What Vin said-It’s definitely Trial of magic. Trail of magic reminded me of trail mix. And another book where people are following a trail of, well, magic. Trial of magic is gonna take a toll on angel-but at least she learns not to push herself too far. At least i hope she does, for her sake. Though after she gets Evariste out of the mirror, I think he’ll stop her from doing that.


February 24, 2021 at 08:08 AM UTC

I agree with the Evariste thing… I REALLY hope so.. plus I am a #1 Fan of Evariste soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo……… there are many other reasons why… :))))))


February 24, 2021 at 08:25 AM UTC

I hope angel complains about it. An added bonus-she’d be herself and not play elegant enchantress with him during those moments. It’d be so cute, and might help them with their relationship problems . . .


February 24, 2021 at 04:53 PM UTC

It’d really be suuuuper cute seeing Angel and Evariste being together again ( hopefully) will be supeeer cute. ( He will definitely stop her from pushing herself too far) And I am also wondering if Evariste will ever tell her that it was really him in Angels supposed dreams. It will be seriously a huge relief to see Anbel being herself instead of putting on the sugary sweet, harmless, elegant enchantress act.


March 10, 2021 at 07:04 PM UTC

Evariste would probably start worshipping Kitty if he knew, that she had the power to make Angel fall in love with him!😆🤣 And Angel would probably be horrified at Evaristes confession of his feelings, she would probably think that he had been put under some kind of a spell or hit his head too hard! I can literally imagine Angels flustered face when she come to know that we are planning romantic reactions for her!😆 She would be redder than a tomato!


March 07, 2021 at 05:53 AM UTC

Yes, that scene would be awesome! For both humor and emotional reasons! I hope one of Kitty’s kick butt heroines insult the conclave, or toss rotten fruit at them. Plus, I keep imagining the look on Angel’s face when evariste tells her how he feels. Will she be shocked? Angry? Sad/disappointed he felt like he couldn’t trust her or something like that? Or will she scream like she promised to do now that she has to deal with yet another curse that’s to be broken by true love?? And Clovicus! Will he take after King Petyrr (I think that’s his name?) and demand a daughter in law? Wow, I can only imagine angel’s horror if she knew what we champions are thinking up of for her future (evariste would be over the moon knowing that there will be a happy ending and he’ll be her boyfriend by the time it comes around, though!) 😆


March 06, 2021 at 10:25 AM UTC

Maybe the council will think that Angel was actually evil all along and thats why kidnapped Evariste herself and used a love spell on him, while acting like she was searching for him herself, and now brought Evariste back in love with her so that he will help her with her plans to rule the world! Ha ha! Like Angel would even be able to think of doing that! Anyways so then I think that all the couples of the Timeless Fairy Tale series will come up to the Council in Mullberg’s doors and defend Angel. Wow! That will make for a really good dramatic scene! And it will bring all of the couples together as well! I am sure Kitty will do
a scene something like this or better!


March 06, 2021 at 10:14 AM UTC

Yeah Angel will be horrified of anyone thought that she used a love potion, or maybe infatuation spell on Evariste, Oh maybe they will think that Angel was the person who had kidnapped Evariste 4 years ago, and now put this love spell om him and brought him back! Buuuut…. Angel will be a lot more horrified and shocked by the fact that Evariste loves her🤣 Its going to be so much fun, seeing Anbel completely flustered in front of Evariste after he dec,ares his feelings😂 But yes we all know that Kitty always delivers her signature happy ending, so I am sure everyone will filter the cotton filled in their head to see the good ness in Angel and everything will be alright!


March 05, 2021 at 12:48 AM UTC

I can only imagine angel’s horror at the council thinking she had a crush on evariste and used a love potion! Wow, fanfic is getting really interesting. Anyways, they probably think that she’s so freakishly dark and powerful she was able to do something impossible like that. Or maybe they think she used one of those infatuation spells?? Tho I can’t imagine angel doing that. Even if evariste and angel’s situation were switched. and he was oblivious to her feelings for him, angel is too good to chain someone against their will to her. I hope the conclave sees that someday. And they will! Since all of Kitty’s books have happy endings, people (ones who have good heads on their shoulders and eyes in their head) won’t hate her in the end!


March 04, 2021 at 01:18 PM UTC

Hah!! It will be a miracle if the council even agrees once with what Angel says😒😠 They are definitely going to accuse Angel of using some sort of love spell on him to woo him! Though we all know that the council will come over at the end. I think that Evariste willnlie to everyone about the way to break his seal othervthan maybe, Clovicus and Emerys. Then finally at the last epic battle, Angel wil FINALLY discover that she loves Evariste, quickly kiss him before they all die (because she doesn’t know if they’ll meet again) And *boom Shaka boom* Evariste gets back his powers!!. He tells Angel the conditions of breaking his seal confesses his love for her( finally). the entire fajrytale enchantress, retelling cast thrash the Chosen and all of them live happily ever after. Yes, except for the Chosen and the mirror. Well its their fault anyways for not learning from their mistakes and learning that you should not challenge, mages, enchanters, Enchantresses, humans or elves who have got someone they love to protect.


March 03, 2021 at 07:44 PM UTC

will lovelana hate angel again because of evariste’s love for her? or will she have gotten over him by then? As for the council, I guess it sort of depends on where they are in the timeline. If they were after recruiting the conclave, then maybe the council would be on angel’s side?? (nvm that’s idealistic of me) But if it’s before, they’ll be shocked, but happy because they hate angel and will see it as an excuse to punish her. But when angel finally confesses how she feels(stop looking at me like that, angel-we all know you’re gonna fall for him too!) I think it will be during the giant battle against the mirror. Angel and evariste kiss, (maybe everybody feels super taken by the moment and take after their example and all the couples kiss) all the true love is too much for the mirror and it shatters, and evariste gets his magic back. Yay for everyone! Except the mirror, anyway.


March 03, 2021 at 04:12 PM UTC

I dont think that Evariste will tell Angel himself, I think it Angel overhears it scenes going to be massively FREAKED, and …. Oh Wait I know. J think that she will take a page out of Rigel’s book and not believe Evariste when he says he loves her, because she believes she is too bloodthirsty r something because of her war magic, and will probably take some time to finally understand him properly. The Council of Enchanters and Enchantresses and Lady Lovelana, are definitely going to be really shocked when Evariste reveals his feelings for Angel! Its gonna be hilarious!


March 03, 2021 at 03:31 AM UTC

Oooh, if angel overhears evariste telling someone, will she barge in and confront him right then and there about it, or will she be so freaked out she’ll avoid him for a while until he asks her what’s wrong and she blurts it out or something??? I’m so writing a fanfic about that happening!!! (both ways) Oh! Or she gives herself away because she squeaks in shock or something???? Or he mans up and tells her himself?? (that’s sure to involve a slap or two-or shoving-or maybe it will be more like Leila and Rigel when they see each other after two months??Or she’ll think it’s a joke, or a hallucination, or will she be super concerned cause she thinks it’s a side effect from being trapped in the mirror for so long????) Oh, all the possibilities!!


March 02, 2021 at 12:48 PM UTC

Yeah its definitely going to be a new degree if fun seeing Evariste confess to Emerys or Clovicus about his seal! Amd the best part is that he has to tell someone about Liliane and Acri when he is freed from the mirror, and when Angel hears him telling someone about Liliane and Acri, she will KNOW that her dream was true, and the part where Evatiste tried to kiss her.🤣🤣. plus I wonder if Quinn will ever tell Emerys that she had a crush on Roy earlier! Wow that will be so much fun seeing Emerys reaction to it.


February 26, 2021 at 01:54 AM UTC

😂 I think he’ll yell at Evariste and call him stupid for a few minutes before angel comes around and he clams up. I get the feeling it will be something like this:

Evariste: I’m sealed.
Clovicus: We need to break it!!
Evariste: I know how
Clovicus : . . . ????
Evariste : *sheepish . . . I have to kiss angel
Clovicus: WHAT!?!? *yells and stuff
Angel : *Throws open door Is everything alright?
Clovicus : *points at evariste NO! He’s in lo-
Evariste : Yes, we’re fine!
Angel : *thinking They’re lying.

Or Kitty will come up with something even better! Though if evariste doesn’t tell clovicus, it will turn near everyone against him when he reveals the truth-extra drama, suspense, etc! (you definitely won’t hear me complaining either way-I thought about it forever and decided both ways the story will be perfect) The only thing I have against that is the fact that he’ll feel extra lonely and sad until angel and evariste talk things out. On a happier note . . .!! If he tells emerys, who has suspected his feelings for angel, he’ll have to admit emerys was right! Idk if emerys will tell Quinn tho . . . (I capitalized Quinn because it just seemed right-though that just might be her being my favorite.)


February 25, 2021 at 04:57 PM UTC

I never thought about the “confession” to Clovicus! That will be all kinds of fun. And maybe Clovicus will start playing Cupid. Too funny!

Meagan C.

February 25, 2021 at 03:20 AM UTC

Oh yeah! I am super excited to see the scene where Eviraste and Clovicus meet. I hope Evariste does tell him he has to kiss Angelique. That will be hilarious!


February 24, 2021 at 08:00 PM UTC

Ha! If he told her about the dream thing, he’s gonna have to confess his feelings for her (when he tried to kiss her . . .😆). She’d probably hate him for a while before they talk things out. And yes, angel being herself will be so much fun! Tho clovicus and evariste’s reunion will be just as good! Especially the part where he tells clovicus he has to kiss angel. 😁


February 24, 2021 at 04:22 AM UTC

Ouch, no one is above typos! It is Trial of Magic.


February 24, 2021 at 08:06 AM UTC

Oh, ok! Thank you!!!


February 26, 2021 at 01:19 AM UTC

Omigosh mine too! I’m super excited! I was so disappointed with myself when when I realized the summer of polls was over. ( I had been neglecting the books in my recommendations-idk why- and curse of magic had been in there since end of winter…) *sigh😞 But this time . . . !! I am so there! (Virtually, of course)


February 26, 2021 at 01:33 AM UTC

😬oops, I meant to reply to another comment! Sorry about that-that’s what I get for only looking at the first letter. I hate making dumb mistakes like this 😑 sorry again for any confusion caused!

2020 Reflection

We’re briefly interrupting the Court of Midnight and Deception themed posts to take part in an annual tradition!

I’ve made it into a tradition to look back at the end of the year and reflect on everything I’ve accomplished, and see how the community has grown. (You can check out my 2019, 2018, and 2017 Reflections if you’re curious!) And since 2021 has dawned upon us, it’s time to share all that I have learned! (Admittedly…a little later than I planned, ahahah.)

In 2020 I…

  1. Wrote SO MUCH! I launched the entire Hall of Blood and Mercy trilogy, Prince’s Bargain (Elves of Lessa #3), and two of the three Court of Midnight and Deception books! MY FINGERS HURT!!

  2. Went through the entire Brandon Sanderson online course–again. (Link to the FREE class here.) I listened to a bunch of his lectures in 2019, but when he released 2020’s edition of the class I was in quarantine, so I decided to listen again. I feel like the class helped me to level up big time, specifically in writing characters. I’m always trying to improve–especially in writing romance–but I’ve found I have better luck if I target specific things and then work on them in my current manuscript. I listened to Sanderson’s lectures on characters about 3-4 times each before making adjustments to The Prince’s Bargain, and I did a total rewrite of the first 30 pages of Crown of Shadows, too, in order to apply some of what I learned. (What fun that was…)

  3. Experimented with urban fantasy and a new world, as well as a new writing system! I’m really loving the trilogies–I find them faster/easer to write than longer series–and being able to release them in short succession.

  4. Got started on Fairy Tale Enchantress book #4, Trail of Magic! It’s hard to say where I’m at in the story because rather than write linearly I bounced around a bit and wrote some of the important pieces, but I have a great start on it! (I’m hoping I’m over halfway through, but after Reign of Magic turned into a giant behemoth that was double the length of book one…I try not to get my hopes up.) This is the book I’ll be working on next, so hopefully it will be available this summer!

In 2020 the KM Shea Team…

  1. Grew! We brought in Vin, our Community Manager who has become the glue of our community and a huge help to me in so many ways I can’t even list them all here. She’s the special guardian of our Discord server and our Facebook group, but she has been a huge help in organizing things like my Facebook live, the December event, and Sheacon, too! Please allow me to tell you her scheduling abilities are now legendary among the KM Shea Team and we all admire her for her ability to come up with fun games when we’re all brain dead.

  2. Welcomed Mythical Cat and SuperRog as our first moderators on the Discord Mod Squad–these guys are the best! SuperRog is the server’s dad, and Mythical Cat has the ability to find memes and gifs that I feel in my soul.

  3. Pulled off a Christmas miracle when Meg managed to get Hall of Blood and Mercy and the Prince’s Bargain in paperback before December! Thanks, Meg!

  4. launched the two Magiford quizzes–the first being our very popular “which Supernatural are you?” and “Which Fae Court do you belong to?”

In 2020 our Community…

  1. Held Sheacon in August! Seriously, that weekend was amazing. We had games, riddles, drawing, panels–so many fun things, and so many fun memories in a year that was tough for everyone. And Sheacon wouldn’t have been possible if not for the hard work of the organizers/hosts/tech gurus: Xoffy, Dino, Cindy, Anneli, Ellarose, Batattack, Lemon Duck, Narel, Emarynn, and Zooknar! Thanks, guys. You’re the best! <3

  2. Launched the KM Shea/AM Sohma Champion Facebook Group! I resisted this for a while because I was scared no one would want to join, ahahah! But you Champions showed your love and loyalty, and we now have over 1,200 members! (And it’s a WONDERFUL place! Between all the funny memes, great book recommendations, and general love of books, it has become a fantastic piece of our community!)

  3. Continued to submit beautiful and fun works of art to our fanart gallery on the website, and the new “Fabulous Fan Art” channel in discord, as well as show off mad art skills in the Facebook Group as well. Our community is a talented bunch of Champions!

  4.  Voted in the most enormous Summer of Polls event! Approximately 1,370 Champions voted in four different polls, picking out the community’s favorite heroine, hero, animal side kick, and couple! (You can read the wrap up here!)

  5. Threw several parties on Lord of the Rings Online, and in Animal Crossing! (Vin hosted, and she gets an award for having the most beautifully decorated Island EVER! Though my fellow attendees should each get awards for their adorable outfits!)

  6. Newsletter Champions voted for Royal Magic as the annual Valentine’s Day free book–but the AM Sohma Champions showed up in a big way and Second Age of Retha Book #2, The Desperate Quest, lost out by only a handful of votes, so I made that free over the summer!

2020 was a really rough year for the world, but I was incredibly proud of the way our community pulled together, stayed kind, and shared plenty of book recommendations to distract us all! You, Champions, are what makes our community so special. Thank you for joining in our fun. I can’t wait to see what we’ll do in 2021!

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