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February 17, 2018 at 02:02 AM UTC

For those of you watching the Olympics, I really think that Dmitri Aliev’s (Olympic Athlete from Russia) costume for the short program in figure skating looks like what I imagine the Erlauf uniform to look like.

Catch up

Good day to you, Champions! Today marks the release of the second Entwined Tales book, An Unnatural Beanstalkwritten by Brittany Fichter. An Unnatural Beanstalk is a retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk, and the main heroine is Eva–the sweetest of the woodcutters’ children who also happens to be the sister Rynn is closest to. It’s in KU, or is available to purchase for $2.99. I hope you guys enjoy this newest addition to the series!

And with this we have finally closed out all the blog posts for A Goose Girl and Twelve Dancing Princesses. Before we move on, there’s some housekeeping stuff I wanted cover.

Firstly, the Timeless Fairy Tale PDF has been updated! (You can see the PDF Here, or in the Timeless Fairy Tale tab under books.) It is filled with spoilers, so don’t check it out unless you’ve read the whole series.

Next we have some amazing fanart by! Mary drew a fantastic picture of Kit from my Second Age of Retha series!

Kit from The Luckless by

I had to admire Mary’s willingness to draw Kit. Between the fluttering fabric of her skirt and her strands of hair, Kit is a BEAST to draw, and Mary did a fantastic job with all the other details of the outfit–like her belt and necklaces! Thanks again,, for using your skills to bring Kit to life! 😉

Finally, we have some themed posts coming up soon. I’m doing my usual–but horribly late–“year in review” post, and after that it’s the post you’re all waiting for: The Favorite Hero Poll! (Reminder, the favorite Heroine poll is in summer. This poll is just for the dudes.)

In the meantime, I have already begun working on my next penname/A. M. Sohma book, The Revived, the third book in The second Age of Retha series. (For those of who haven’t heard about my penname, click here to go to that portion of the website.)

With that I believe we are all caught up. Thank you for reading A Goose Girl and Twelve Dancing Princesses, Champions. I hope you enjoyed them, and have had a fantastic start to 2018!

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