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February 11, 2014 at 04:31 AM UTC

I like the misty and mysterious look of the cover on Enthroned.

Embittered fun

Good day to you, Champions, it’s time for me to have Embittered-spoiler-cover fun! If you haven’t read Embittered and you don’t want any spoilers, you had best skip reading this post.

So here’s the thing. Do you remember Britt beating the snot out of Maleagant with a joust? Merlin and Co. then tricked the foul duke into thinking there was a large army surrounding Camelgrance, which is why he left so swiftly. Myrrhlynn very thoughtfully chose to portray this in the cover. If you look at the cover after reading the book you probably assume it symbolizes the forest around Camelgrance. WRONG! Well, you are right, but not totally right. It does portray that forest, but it specifically portrays that forest when Merlin and Britt are pulling their heist/scare tactics against Maleagant. How? Myrrhlynn added pieces of armor into the trees, which you can see if you zoom waaaaaaay in!


I couldn’t include the entire stretch of armor because the image would be huge, but the pink arrows point out three shields that are on the left edge of the forest. Isn’t that awesome? I’m such a detail geek, things like this really make my day. The super fun thing was that Myrrhlynn presented me with an armor-less cover, as well as this armor cover I used. Comparing the covers side by side you see the glints of armor through the trees–although the trees are so thick and far away you can’t really tell exactly what it is when the image is viewed at a normal size. In other words, the cover pulls the exact same trick Merlin and Britt played on Maleagant!

Thanks again, Myrrhlynn, for this fantastic cover. I cannot stress how lucky I am to have a cover artist who reads my books–She produces the most fantastic, detailed covers! I think Life Reader is my favorite, with B&B in a close second, but I’m pretty prejudice all around towards Life Reader. What do you guys think?

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