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January 28, 2014 at 01:09 AM UTC

Counting down the days!

Embittered Sneak Peak

I have the fantastic cover art for Embittered! Champions, please give a big thank you to Myrrhlynn for once again doing a bang up job in cover creation.

I love the font Myrrhlynn used and the way it really makes the blue of the sky pop. It’s gorgeous. Again, Myrrhlynn sunk a lot of book foreshadowing into the cover. The majority of Embittered takes place in/around Camelgrance, the castle and home of King Leodegrance. King Leodegrance, as you may or may not remember, is Britt’s ally and more importantly, the father of Guinevere. Camelgrance is located in the center of a vast field and is mostly surrounded by a forest. The physical landscape plays an important role in the climax of the book, which is why Myrhlynn chose this particular image. Also, if you could zoom waaaaaay in on the forest you can see a secret, which I’m going to reveal a few weeks after the book is out because if I did it now it would be a major spoiler and the King Arthur and Her Knights Champions might pelt me with rotten fruit. A fun fact for those Champions, a pink crown has appeared on every King Arthur cover and is something of the series’ calling card.

In more great news, I got a decent start on The Wild Swans today. I had a few false starts last week, but I’m finally pleased and happy with the first five pages, so the race is on! Thanks for reading, Champions, and another big thank you to Myrrhlynn for another meaningful and equally beautiful cover.

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