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October 29, 2021 at 10:32 PM UTC

I really loved the Robyn Hood series as well as King Arthur and her Knights, so I am REALLY grateful to the amazing Champions who voted for a story like Britts( by the way I did go back to the blog post where the voting was done and there were pretty good options other than King Arthur as well!)

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, Champions! You know what that means, right? The entire Robyn Hood series is free for your to download right now! The sale is from October 29th through November 2nd, so make sure to pick these up if you need to add them to your K.M. Shea library.

Robyn Hood series free

Robyn Hood: A Girl’s Tale Robyn Hood: Fight For Freedom

Usually I follow up this announcement with a warning that this is a Trick or Treat type situation (which, is it, because it’s a gift, but it’s also a bit of a trick), but enough Champions have said how much they like these books, so it makes me feel kind of bad to make a joke about them. I will say that they were some of the first books I ever wrote, so they have a very different feel compared to my newest books, and they are definitely in need of more editing. But they still have my trademark humor and strong female characters, so there is lots to enjoy!

If you already have these books, go ahead and send this sale to a friend who you think would enjoy them!

P.S. Small bit of Trivia for your Champions, but the King Arthur and Her Knights series exists because after I released Robyn Hood I posted a poll asking what I should work on next. The winning idea was a gender swap King Arthur. So it is fair to say that Britt exists because some Champions way back in yonder time liked Robyn Hood and wanted more like it.

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