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August 10, 2022 at 05:06 PM UTC

Thank you so much, but I already purchased it! I just finished rereading it the fourth time!!! 😁

The Snow Queen: The Complete Saga: ON SALE!

Exciting news, Champions! The Snow Queen: The Complete Saga is on sale for 99 cents!

Snow Queen Saga Limited Sale

Rakel is a princess who should have been queen.

Instead, she has spent most of her life exiled on a barren mountain, shunned for possessing magic. Everything changes when an army of magic users invades her home country, bringing cruelty and darkness in their wake.

Rakel refuses to watch as the people who’ve scorned her are attacked, imprisoned, and even killed by the invading army. Swallowing her fear, she joins forces with her jailers and uses her magic in a way she never anticipated: on the battlefield.

But one of the invading colonels is different.

When enemy Colonel Farrin Graydim meets Rakel he is immediately intrigued by her. Her harsh rejection of an offer to join their cause only deepens his interest. He admires her unflinching strength, but his bloody past makes him unworthy to stand beside the purity of her ice and snow.

Can Rakel defeat the invasion and free not only her people, but Farrin as well? For if her magic cannot defend her homeland, all is lost.

If you haven’t grabbed this series yet, get it now! (I probably won’t put this series on sale like this for a year or two.) And if you have any friends/family members that you think would enjoy this series, be sure to tell them!

Thank you so much for your support, Champions. Enjoy the series!

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