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October 10, 2020 at 01:07 AM UTC

Loved the MBC series. But would be fun to know more about Aysel the high elf and how he met his wife


October 10, 2020 at 01:47 AM UTC

Kitty talked about doing a spin-off series to the MBRC. One possibility was doing Aysel’s story. The problem is she is working on so many other projects/series right now that she doesn’t have time for that one yet.

Connect with the Community

We’re going to close out my frequently-asked-questions-blog-thingie, with a fun topic that I am always willing to gab about: joining the Champion community!

The KM Shea/AM Sohma community has grown, but it’s easier than ever to connect with fellow Champions! I highly recommend you plug into the community–firstly because I think the Champions are the best sort of people and I love our community, but also because so many of us share common interests and it’s so fun to swap Lord of the Rings jokes and list our favorite Disney movie songs or discuss current book recommendations! So here is a list of ways that you can connect with us!


I have an author Facebook page for both A M Sohma and KM Shea, but I most recommend that you join the Champion Group! Because it’s a group you’re free to post and comment, so it’s much easier to get a conversation going and connect and chat with the other Champions! (This is a must join if you love book jokes/comics/memes–I scroll through whenever I need a laugh!) You do have to apply to join so we can keep out bots, but we’ll get back to you quickly!


As many of you know, we have a discord server! This is a great place to go if you want to plunge deep into the K. M. Shea Community! The discord channel is super active, and they’re always happy to include newcomers in the conversation! If you really love to talk books, this is the place to be! (Click here to accept an invite to the server, and otherwise click here to return to the server whenever you like!)

Blog posts:

Blog posts are another good way to connect with fellow Champions–particularly if you’re just interested in swapping theories/observations about new book releases. (Although if you want to get into theories, discord is a better choice for you)

Lord of the Rings Online

We don’t just talk together, we game together, too! That’s right, we have a kinship (Heroes of Retha) on the Landroval server of Lord of the Rings Online. The kin meets up to raid on Friday nights at 8 pm central time, but players are on at all times of the day! If you’re interested in joining, jump on the discord server (Links above) and click out the “Lord of the Rings Online” channel to let the players in the kinship know you’re interested!

No matter what way you decide to connect into the community, I can promise that your fellow Champions will be warm and welcoming. I’ve hung out with them a lot, and I’m happy to say they’re just that kind of community.

But! If you find it nerve wracking to jump in on conversations, here’s a secret tip! We have a Community Manager, Vin! She rules over the Kitty’s Champion’s Discord Server, the KM Shea/AM Sohma Facebook Group, and runs the LotRO kinship!

Almost every weekday, Vin posts fun questions and challenges in Discord (Under the “Vintertainment” channel) and in the Facebook Group. (Watch for her name and picture in the posts–she themes her Vintertainment posts, so you’ll be able to tell!) Vintertainment is the perfect way to test out the community–it’s always a lot of fun, and everyone is posting their own ideas and thoughts so it’s a lot less intimidating to speak up!

Thanks for reading my series of frequently-asked-questions-blog-thingies! I hope you enjoyed it! We’ve got a few more autumn/Halloween themed posts coming up, and then in November the fun begins! 😉 Have a great day, Champions, and thank you for being a part of this extra special community!

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