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April 02, 2024 at 05:31 PM UTC

Counting down the days! Just to clarify, if I preordered, would the book be delivered on the 5th, or would I wait a while as it is being delivered?


April 02, 2024 at 08:42 AM UTC

Just love, love, love this series! Cannot wait for April 5th. Where do I send typos I caught in earlier books to?

e.g., in Games,
“curtesy” instead of “courtesy” (Chapter 7)
“differential” instead of “deferential” (Chapter 10)

There are various other issues with commas, hyphens and tense used.


April 01, 2024 at 10:47 AM UTC

Can’t wait!


March 28, 2024 at 05:19 PM UTC

Oh, yeah! 😆 But Hazel’s surprise at seeing the same slayer with “Connor” will be interesting to read.


March 28, 2024 at 02:24 AM UTC

Eeeeeeeeeeeeek! Can’t wait! Soooooooooo excited for this last book! Also, I’ve been wanting to see hazel meet considine and/or Jade. Love all your books, and I’m certain this one will be great, if not greater, than the previous two!

Book Dragon

March 28, 2024 at 07:06 AM UTC

technically, Hazel has already met Jade, though they didn’t talk much, if at all.

Order of Blood and Ruin: How to Get Ready!

Let's get ready to rock and roll, Champions, as we are about 9 days away from the release of the Order of Blood and Ruin, the final book in the Magic on Main Street trilogy! Many of you have been reading each book as it is released but others have been waiting until all three books are out before you start. Since there's been a lot of fun games and short stories as part of this series, I want to make sure all of you are "in the know" for all the fun stuff, so please enjoy this handy checklist!

Before you start the series (or book 3):

  1. I highly recommend you read the Hall of Blood & Mercy trilogy first if you have time. The Magic on Main Street trilogy is almost a direct sequel to the Hall of Blood and Mercy series and you will better catch the cameos and other references if you have recently read the Hall of Blood and Mercy series.

  2. Read the prequel short story: A Vampire Visit. In this story Killian (from Hall of Blood and Mercy) introduces you to the main hero of Magic on Main Street, and you quickly learn a lot more important facts about Killian Drake!

  3. Play a round of Old Maid and Go Fish. I know this sounds crazy but if you are familiar with the rules it will make some scenes in the books make more sense!

  4. Review the Magiford Series timeline so you understand how this new series fits with the other trilogies. Click here for the timeline.

  5. I have more suggestions for how to prepare for the new series, including a cool ASMR video I found, on this blog post.

Get the books:

Book 1 Goodies:

  1. Spot it! Cameo tracker (Hard Version): For this series we introduce a new game where you can use the tracking page provided in this blog post to catch each cameo you find from another Magiford series. This is the version of the tracker that only includes an image hint and doesn't list the name of the character or place.

  2. Spot it! Cameo tracker (Easy version): This version of the Cameo tracker includes the image hint + the name of the character/place so you can use it for hints if you get stuck.

  3. Read the bonus short story: Family Bonding  This bonus short story is a prequel to the series so it doesn't spoil any events from the books, but it gives you a closer look at Jade's background and the relationship she has with her family.

Book 2 Goodies:

  1. Spot it! Cameo tracker (Hard Version): There is a new tracking page for all the new cameos found in this book (any character or place that appeared in book #1 doesn't appear on the book #2 tracking page). Once again this is the hard version of the tracker so it only includes an image hint.

  2. Spot it! Cameo tracker (Easy Version): This is the version of the cameo tracker for book #2 that includes the image hint + the name of the character/place.

  3. Read the bonus short story: Annoyed Eminence  This bonus short story features some of the most popular Drake vampires but it also has massive spoilers for book #2!

Book 3 Goodies:

  1. Make your own book reading smoothie! The main character Jade eats a lot of smoothies so if you want to make one to enjoy while you are reading you can check out this Smoothie blog post for my personal tips, or see the recipes I list on my Magiford Recipes Pinterest board.

  2. We aren't doing a Spot it! cameo tracker for book #3 because there aren't any new cameos to watch out for, but you will continue to see characters + places from the first two books appear again!

  3. There will be a new bonus short story released on this blog once The Order of Blood and Ruin reaches 100 reviews across Goodreads + Amazon. I can't wait to share this new short with you - you get to see a lot more characters other than Jade + Considine! The last thing to do to prepare for the new release? Get lots of sleep! This third book is looong, so if you're planning to read late into the night, start fortifying yourself now! And that's everything, Champions. Consider yourselves ready for The Order of Blood and Ruin!

Book Prep List for Order of Blood and Ruin

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