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Cecilia Lubbers

October 06, 2019 at 09:37 PM UTC

SO EXCITED!!! Congrats Kitty!!


October 05, 2019 at 10:45 AM UTC

Woot! Woot! Go Kitty!!!!!! You can do this! Remember, this is just like an elephant!
Can’t wait to read it! First book I’ve ever pre-ordered on Kindle! Cannot wait to finally read it. (and discover if my theories are even partially true)


October 05, 2019 at 08:45 AM UTC

SO EXCITING!!! I can’t wait to see what happens!!


October 05, 2019 at 02:36 AM UTC

YAYYYYYY!!! I have been waiting MONTHS for this to finally come out!!!! And, now that it is, I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!!!! I am already trying to guess what is going to happen in the book!


October 05, 2019 at 01:30 AM UTC

Happy dance! 🎉🎉


October 05, 2019 at 02:37 AM UTC

Me too!!

Reign of Magic Available for Pre-Order!

Extra, extra, read all about it! Reign of Magic–the behemoth of a book–is FINALLY available for pre-order!

Reign of Magic

Angelique’s spirit is almost broken.

She has sacrificed, she has trained, and she has driven herself to exhaustion while battling her way across the continent. But all her efforts have led to nothing. She still hasn’t uncovered Evariste’s location, or the identity of his captors.

Yet the occurrences of evil magic across the continent show no sign of slowing. Wyverns, goblins, trolls, and other evil creatures have become almost commonplace. And the attacks on the royal families and her fellow mages have continued to escalate.

When Angelique is ambushed by one of those who kidnapped Evariste, she is forced to face the truth: her core magic—which she despises—may be the only thing standing between her world and the coming darkness.

For those who have captured Evariste aren’t finished.

And their plans are far older and more devastating than anyone could have guessed.

Reign of Magic launches October 10th, so it’s only a short wait away!

As I’ve mentioned before, this book is long. It’s longer than both of the Snow Queen books put together, so considered yourself warned! Reign is also stuffed with Easter Eggs. I have never written a book with as many hints, foreshadowing, secret nudges, and clues as this book, so if you’re ripping through it and not seeing many, you might want to re-read it to make sure you catch everything. (Or you can join in the conversation on our discord servers to get some hints from fellow readers!)

Stay tuned for teasers, updates, and more! My website has been acting a bit wonky lately–it seems like the most recent blog post hasn’t been showing to everyone–but I’m working with my webdesigner to get that fixed.

Until next time, thanks for reading, Champions! I can’t wait to share this story with you! 🙂

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