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Timeless Fairy Tales 7-9

Timeless Fairy Tales 7-9

Timeless Fairy Tales
Vol. Three

Book 7: Swan Lake
Cursed to be a swan by day, Odette spends her nights leading a band of smugglers and ensuring their survival by flattering the evil sorcerer who cursed them.

When the kind Prince Alexsei tracks Odette and her crew to their camp, Odette fears he is yet another complication. Instead, he slowly endears himself to her as they search together for a way to break her curse.

But when the evil sorcerer launches an attack against the royal family, Odette is pulled between her love for Alexsei and the severe consequences from pitting herself against the sorcerer who ruined her life. Can she fight at Alexsei's side and survive?

Book 8: Sleeping Beauty
Briar Rose, a clever peasant girl, feels only pity for the mysterious Princess Rosalinda–the hidden princess who was cursed to prick her finger on a spindle and fall asleep until true love’s kiss awakens her.

Her pity turns to horror when Briar learns she IS the princess, and Isaia—her childhood friend—is really a knight sworn to protect her.

When the evil mage who first cursed her returns and begins to plunder the countryside, Briar is whisked off to the capital where the king orders Isaia and the knights of the realm to stand guard and protect her. The king’s choice renders the villages under attack defenseless, and enrages the one-time peasant Briar.

For Briar is not the demure princess her family expects, and she vows to move on her own to save her people. Will the curse consume her, or–with help from Isaia–can she beat the evil mage at his own game?

Book 9: The Frog Prince
Crown Prince Lucien has spent his life playing a flirtatious idiot to manipulate his courts and hide the weaknesses he feels when compared to his brother. His acting backfires when he narrowly escapes an assassination and his father, the king, orders an enchantress to turn him into a frog for his own safety since the “idiot” prince can’t be expected to defend himself.

Strong-willed. Capable. Expendable. The servant Ariane is all of these things, which makes her the perfect escort for the newly transformed Lucien, even though carting the lazy frog prince around on a velvet cushion is the last thing she wants to do.

But as the assassination attacks on Prince Lucien continue, Ariane realizes the threat of darkness is much closer than she thought. And perhaps the prince is not as foolish as he acts…

A hidden princess, a cursed swan, and a princely frog.

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