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Curse of Magic: Angelique’s Journey

Angelique Book 2

Today we’re going to talk about Angelique’s personal journey thus far. It was something I so badly wanted to bring up with the first book, but really you don’t see any big changes until Curse of Magic, so now is the perfect time to begin the discussion.

In Apprentice of Magic we saw how Angelique feared her powers. She was wary of using any form of her magic, and did her best to appear unassuming when meeting people. (She also actively held her powers in check, something that normally just isn’t done.) In that way she resembles Rakel of Snow Queen–though there is a stark difference in the why. Rakel tried to appear unintimidating because she didn’t want people to fear her–she never regretted her powers of ice and snow. Angelique, however, did her best to appear unintimidating because she felt she had to mislead people into thinking she was good, when she personally felt like a monster.

Mostly, she spent her time as an apprentice in fear. Not of Evariste, but a general fear of the Veneno Conclave and what they might do to her. At the end of the book she does give herself a freer rein and no longer strangles her magic.

But it’s still not enough.

By the time Curse of Magic, begins, Angelique realizes that her kind but slightly dense apprentice persona won’t serve her very well anymore. Running around alone and chatting with royalty means she needs to exude a certain amount of confidence and competence, or she’ll be questioned–something she can’t afford given her precarious position. And so she takes on the mantle of elegant enchantress–an act my longtime Champions have seen before the in the Timeless Fairy Tale series.

She doesn’t feel the part, but she’s willing to fake it if it means searching for Evariste–and fulfilling her duty as a mage.

But Angelique’s attitude isn’t the only change in Curse of Magic, her use of magic alters as well. For the first time ever she experiences her price and uses war magic without direct supervision. (Not willingly, mind you, but at least she uses it.) She’s starting to progress–because of Evariste’s actions, because she has to help the royal families of the continent, or no one else will.

And Curse of Magic closes with another moment of growth for Angelique. She’s finished with groveling and scraping. She still fully intends to follow Conclave law, but no longer will she allow herself to cower in fear of the Council and what they may do.

She still doesn’t believe in herself, and she absolutely doesn’t believe she’s good, but give her a chance. 😉 It’s only book 2, after all. We still have four books to go!

But Angelique’s journey in this book is especially poignant, because in this story you realize that no matter what Evariste did, he wouldn’t have been able to ease Angelique’s disbelief, anxiety, and hatred of her magic. The progress she’s making is due to a change in her–one that couldn’t have been done no matter how much class instruction she was given.

The fact is no one can see your heart, and no one can judge your worth. No matter how many people believe in you, if you do not it means nothing. The story of the Timeless Fairy Tales is really the story of Angelique becoming a hero. Not because her friends give her a good pep talk, but because through out all these terrible trials, she is learning and growing herself.

So! Any predictions how she’ll grow in Reign of Magic?! 😉

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