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Myth & Arvel: Their Impact

I’m not doing too many blog posts about the Prince’s Bargain because I’ve already started writing my next urban fantasy trilogy, but when I was looking over what I’d done in the past I saw a blog post I wrote after Royal Magic launched, where I discussed what Tari and Arion, and then Gwendafyn and Benjimir did for their world. So today I thought I’d talk about what Arvel and Myth mean to Lessa and Calnor.

Myth and Arvel are the first truly intellectual couple in this series, and as such they have–and will continue to have–a vastly different impact from the previous characters. While Arion and Tari opened up lines of communication between Less and Calnor, and Benjimir and Gwendafyn encouraged deeper friendships and interactions between their people, Arvel and Myth’s abilities allow them to tackle the economic issues of the two countries.

Arvel’s passion has always been economics–you can see this in Royal Magic–and while Myth is capable of easing social communication, her true love is trade translation. Together, they’ll be able to boost trade between the two countries. Trade had been increasing between Calnor and Lessa, but with Arvel and Myth working together, they’ll be able to make it flourish and grow. Currently, most trade is done one way. Lessa sells goods to Calnor. But with Myth having access to Tari and Gwendafyn–who both set trends–and being married to Arvel–who is the Chief Liaison for Calnor-Lessa trade, Myth will be able to better determine what human goods elves are interested in and send them to Lessa.

There’s also the added bonus that, during socials and events, Myth will be capable of translating for visiting nobles. And unlike Benjimir and Gwendafyn–who frequently leave Haven for military reasons–and even Arion and Tari–who leave to visit family–Arvel and Myth will permanently settle in Haven. Myth’s presence will be increasingly more important as the limited number of translators are spread between the two countries and the elves try to move their government base to Haven as well.

But Myth isn’t the only world-shaker. Already, Arvel has had a huge impact on Calnor by taking down the Fulton family–which will have ripples in the courts, trade, and even the justice system. Previously, the Fultons had a monopoly on the court, until the courts abandoned Queen Luciee for Gwendafyn. Without that power, they doubled down on trade and built their wealth–which Arvel has dismantled and seized. Calnor has, essentially, been cleaned up.

Not bad for two library lovers, eh?

Oh! I almost forgot. There’s one tiny, little way Myth just might have another impact on both Less and Calnor. Blaise is a hound on the scent of High Elf magic. And as she showed off at the end of The Prince’s Bargain, Myth is capable of understanding and speaking some of it. One has to wonder what that could mean for Blaise’s future….

Thanks for reading, Champions! I hope you have a lovely day!

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