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Questions for the Editor

The Puss in Boots character poll closed! You champions waged an impressive total of 251 votes. Puss won with an overwhelming 75 votes, and Gabrielle was not far behind with 68–which I have to say is a closer race than I thought. Well done, Gabrielle! The stray, orange colored kitty snagged third place with a surprising 41 votes, and Steffen came in fourth with 26. (I can say the results of this poll would knock Steffen off his high horse. He placed not behind one, but two cats.) Steffen’s siblings came in fifth with 15 votes, and King Henrik was right on their heels with 14. Finishing up the poll was Timo, with 10 votes, and Moritz and the ogre with a vote each.

Thank you to everyone who voted! Not only is it fun to see who was the Champions’ favorite, but it’s also useful for me so I better get to know your likes and dislikes.

Now, for the actual news of this post! Editor #1 has agreed to let me interview her for the blog, so you guys can get a peek of the editing/working as an editor/whatever you want. Editor #1 is the lovely lady who has waged war against my terrible usage of commas, and also checks for overall story/character balance, and consistency. In example, in Puss in Boots she helped adjust the ending scenes with Steffen so Gabrielle (and hopefully readers) would better see his love and sincerity, making their happy ending more believable. In the Snow Queen she pointed out a character I had been a little lazy in characterizing, and she caught physical feature inconsistencies. (One character’s hair color changed halfway through the book!) She’s done so much more than I could ever explain, and she has the patience of a saint to keep forging ahead with me, even though I switch farther/further in just about every book no matter how many times she has explained it.

While she just finished the first read-through of The Snow Queen this past weekend, she’s also been working through my backlist with me for the past year or so. This summer the King Arthur books got a bit of a face-lift as she found typos, and made more comma corrections than I care to remember. This same patient lady, as I mentioned above, agreed to answer some questions! So submit any question you might have for Editor #1 in the form below by Tuesday, September 22! I’ll compile a list, and then send the questions on to her.

I think it’s worth mentioning that some of my favorite books–like Edenbrooke–were recommended to me by Editor #1. She fits right in with our reading tastes, Champions, and her sense of humor is absolutely wicked! So don’t be afraid to ask her questions by using the form or commenting on this post! Until next time, thanks for reading!





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