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July 07, 2023 at 08:24 AM UTC

I am excited about all the news. I did want to ask what all of the images in the Sheacon t-shirt stand for. I think I know, but I would like to know the artist’s intention. Thank you

SheaCon 2023: Panel Schedule

July is here which means it’s time to share the SheaCon 2023 panel Schedule! In addition to the panels there will  be loads of other activities, but these are the panelists so you can strategize what you want to try attending! All panel times are in the central time zone!

SheaCon 2023 logo


  1. Opening Ceremony at 6 pm

  2. Panel with Hanna Sandvig and Charlotte Vane at 8 pm


  1. Kitty Q&A #1 at 11 am

  2. Panel with Elisa Rae and Celeste Baxendell at 2 pm

  3. How to Train Your Champion Panel at 5 pm

  4. Celebrity Retha and Dragons with Kitty, Hanna Sanvig, Elisa Rae, and our Vin at 7 pm


  1. Kitty Writing Panel at 12 pm

  2. Kitty Q&A #2 at 3 pm

  3. Kitty Hot Seat Panel at 7 pm

July 6th is your last chance to submit your questions about books, writing style/process, etc, for me (Kitty) or any of our Sheacon 2023 guest panelists. To keep the panels running on time we will not be taking questions during the panels, so if you have a question you want me to answer you MUST submit it ahead of time!  If you want to review the Sheacon guest panelists, there’s information in this blog post.

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