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Cindy loves Magiford

January 21, 2024 at 02:51 AM UTC

What a fantastic series! Wonderful! I can’t wait for the next book in the series! Please, please keep going. Either with another character in Magford, or start a new supernatureal series. It is just so much fun!!!!!! Kitty, you are my favorite author now!

Yes, my favorite cameo was also the Paragon in the library. Super fun.

Book Dragon

January 15, 2024 at 03:58 AM UTC

I think I’ve gotten them all (with a little help from discord)
my favorite by far was rupert, being the actual sensible one, lol. he’s grown so much.

Denise Loving

January 13, 2024 at 08:14 AM UTC

My favourite cameo is the Paragon napping in the library, but I loved them all.


January 13, 2024 at 08:02 AM UTC

Thank you Kitty so much, a really refreshing and unexpected twist at the end. Can’t wait for book three.

PS. Current review totals:

Amazon US 35 reviews
Amazon UK 4 reviews
Amazon AU 11 reviews
Amazon DE 1 review
Goodreads 42 reviews

Current Total 93 reviews plus many more ratings

The Games of Enemies and Allies: Spot the Cameos

The fun game where you spot the cameos in the Magic on Main Street series is back! As I said with book one, the Magic on Main Street series doesn't deal with the Paragon's search (which he talks about in the Gate of Myth and Power series) and because of that Jade doesn't interact with most of the other series characters you know and love (other than the Drakes!). But since this is still the same city as the other books I've sprinkled tons of cameos of characters and places you will recognize! Some of them will be pretty obvious and some of them will be harder to identify, even if you recently read the other Magiford books. There are more cameos in book #2 and to help you track down all the cameos Vin, our Discord Chief Moderator, created a "Spot it!" tracking graphic for you. Click the graphic below to download it and then color it in/mark it when you find each cameo. The tracker only includes the NEW cameos - characters and places that appeared on the first tracker won't appear on this tracker (example: Killian isn't on this tracker even though he appears in book #2 because he was on the book #1 tracker).

Once again, this is the extra hard version of the "Spot it!" tracker that doesn't have any of the answers included, it just has a clip art representing the place/character. When I release the bonus short story for reaching 100 honest reviews on The Lies of Vampires and Slayers I will post the version that has the names included. Thanks again to Vin fun putting this together - we hope you enjoy it! If you still haven't pre-ordered book #2, The Games of Enemies and Allies, here the links one more time:

Games of Enemies and Allies | All other Amazon Stores The third and final book in the trilogy will release at the beginning of April (total respect if you are waiting to read all the books until closer to that time - I personally don't have the much self-control). This is a longer wait between the books than I prefer to do, but it ended up being necessary with all my health issues (Pro Tip from Kitty: avoid getting colds, they are zero fun!).

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